Social Academic Analytics in Higher Education

Cathleen M. Stuetzer (1,3), Ronald Breiger (2), and Thomas Koehler (1)

1 Educational Sciences Department, University of Technology Dresden, Dresden, Germany
2 School of Sociology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA,
3 Institute for Technology and Knowledge Transfer, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida,
  Mittweida, Germany,

Abstract. Social Academic Analytics (SAA) is proposed as a new scientific approach toward developing suitable instruments to promote virtual collaboration among participants in the higher education field. SAA refers to the process of extracting relational data for the purpose of exploring organizational structures within virtual learning organizations and knowledge networks. Implementation of SAA provides opportunities for organizers and instructors to optimize socio-technological infrastructures within (virtual) knowledge networks so as to encourage collaborative work, while offering significant potential for quality
assurance. SAA combines theories and models from both informatics and the social sciences at the macro level in order to formulate data analysis for the field of (web-based) educational research. In this paper we introduce SAA and its constituent activities. Finally we select case studies and applications to compare analytical concepts from diverse disciplines and conclude with further suggestions as to how SAA concepts can be applied in educational data management.

Awarded Paper at Social Media 2013 — 18th International Education Technology Conference 01st August – 03rd August 2013, Hong Kong, Published by Springer (in press)


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